Final Draft Contains Typos, Inconsistencies, Plot Holes, Crap Writing

Not quite the final draft of Professor Connected
Self, the editor, lashes out at self, the author

An outraged editor today slammed an author for trying to pass off as a final draft work riddled with inconsistencies, errors, improbabilities, plot holes, and just plain crap writing.

Editor David Hull was blunt. “This is not a final draft. Nothing more need be said, except,” he continued, “that to pretend otherwise shows a shocking lack of integrity.” When told of the accusations, author David Hull claimed to have been suffering from a rare and fleeting condition called optimism, and pleaded for understanding. “I admit it was an error in judgment. But I honestly thought it was finished,” the contrite author said Friday from an undisclosed location. “I was wrong. Give it back. It’s awful. Just give it back and you’ll never have to see it again.”

This is not the first time the author has stirred anger with a premature declaration. Indeed it is believed to be the 17th time he has proclaimed the novel in question, ‘At Gerber’s Grave,’ to be finished.