About David Hull

Seems to be the only existent photo of D Hull. 2015.

I was born in Regina, moved to Ottawa to pursue a political career at age 2, and left in disgrace after that incident with the forgotten hockey skates before the big game in grade 3. The next stop was Owen Sound, where I began my publishing career with Rothnium, a science fiction fanzine devoted in theory to JG Ballard and the English new wave, but in practice to whatever came over the transom.

I studied philosophy at the University of Toronto, subverting my studies with a tendency to write poems and stories rather than the requested essays and exams. After graduation, I began to write more seriously (and read more philosophy - funny how that works). An accumulation of writing awards and credits through the 90s led eventually to the publication of a novella, The Man Who Remembered the Moon, and in 2017 my first novel, The Realm of Means. "Eventually," by the way, is a word I use whenever a 20 year gap needs to be quickly glossed over. Also, both of those books were in fact written in the nineties, leaving me belatedly to worry that some kind of consumer warning should have been affixed to them.