Publication History

Publication History

The Walrus • May 2006
“Travel With Scholars: The Brochure”
(still online at The Walrus)

The National Post 1999
“Lost Passports Aren't Lost” (investigative journalism)

Prairie Fire Vol. 19 No. 2 • Summer 1998
“As the hart panteth after the water brookes” (fiction)

ON SPEC • Summer 1998
“Families” (fiction)

The Fiddlehead 1995
“Bony Fingers” (fiction)

ON SPEC • Winter 1995
“The Rick and Sally Clarks of Muskrat Creek” (fiction)

PRISM International 32:2 • Winter 1994
“A Journey, Reconsidered” (poetry)

The Malahat No. 92 • Fall 1990
“The Survivor” (poetry)

The New Quarterly Vol IX No 3 • Fall 1989
“In Grey County” (poetry)

The Fiddlehead No. 160 • Summer 1989
“Looking East from Labrador, ca. 1300” (poetry)

Canadian Literature No. 119 • Winter 1988
“Shield” (poetry)

Awards and Grants

Toronto Arts Council, 2005
Level One Grant for “At Gerber’s Grave” (novel)

Praire Fire Long Fiction Contest, 1998
First Place, judged by Matt Cohen

Ontario Arts Council, 1997
Writer’s Reserve Grant