The Man Who Remembered the Moon

David Hull
72 pp
$9.95 Cdn
Thoroughly satisfying.
Review Author
Jade Colbert
Review Source
The Globe and Mail

Released this summer through Amazon’s curated Kindle Singles program, in print only this fall, The Man Who Remembered the Moon says something about publishing today. Its publication history is interesting not only for being digital-first but also because, outside poetry and pop-culture series, you rarely see such a slim book in print nowadays: 65 pages, 51 dedicated to the title story. Not every book has to be a multicourse meal, though; sometimes, what you want is a quick bite, and as the latter, this one is thoroughly satisfying. Beginning from the Kafkaesque premise that the moon disappears from the sky and only one man remembers it ever existed, the story proceeds to cover a surprising array of subjects from psychiatry to the language of loss to whether we can really know anything. A great start as one of the first books from Dumagrad, a new small press out of Toronto.