The Man Who Remembered the Moon

David Hull
72 pp
$9.95 Cdn
Captivating, surprising, intense – and with a brilliant finale.
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They say it never existed. But he remembers. The big circle in the sky, the moon. He saw it, and then it wasn’t there any longer. And, as he starts asking questions, asking if anyone remembers, he finds out that everything is gone. No one knows what he’s talking about, all known references are gone. And everyone thinks he’s delusional. Still, he knows. But how much is that knowledge worth when he is alone and no one believes him?

One of the most interesting aspects of this book is the fact that, despite its brevity, it presents a vast journey through the complexities of human mind. The possible theories that explain the main character’s delusions – if they can be described as such – the loneliness of believing in something that everyone else thinks absurd, the effects of our troubles on those we love most. There’s a whole lot of important questions in this relatively short story – and that is one of the reasons that make it so enthralling.

There’s also a strange proximity with the main character. It’s easy to feel what he feels, to share his confusion with what he knows but no one else remembers. And, by using his voice to tell his story, the author gives a larger impact to this book, because it makes want to know what happened to the moon – and what happened to Daniel. And, at the same time, it makes understand how he feels.

As for the explanations, it’s interesting to notice the various theories Daniel makes up to explain his alleged condition. His research, his questions, his continued belief, all of it makes him more human, and more complex. And, at the same time, the mystery of the disappearance of the moon keeps us intrigued. That will also expand the impact of the final revelations, which end in a brilliant – and very surprising – conclusion.

This means that, although being a short book, The Man Who Remembered the Moon is, in all the relevant aspects, a huge story. Captivating, surprising, intense – and with a brilliant finale – it can never be less than memorable. And impressive in all of its aspects.